Wellbeing and Resilience Coaching for Groups and Individuals

Jem coaches individuals and groups online by Skype, or at workshops and retreats. Wellbeing coaching is a blend of various forms of coaching that Jem is well practised in and is aimed at supporting people to attain a more balanced, healthy, happy and fulfilling way of living. It is .

Wellbeing and Resilience Coaching can help you to:

  • Be able to get through challenging times more easily
  • Live in a happier and more content manner
  • Develop a great work-life balance
  • Find your true purpose and live it
  • Discover and manifest your goals
  • Become healthier

He also offers:

  1. Health Coaching
  2. Detox Coaching

If you are interested in Health or Detox Coaching, please go to www.personaldetoxcoach.com

Would You Like Jem To Help You Gain Clarity?

If you are interested in the possibility of being coached and supported by Jem please  go to https://www.jemfriar.com/ 

Individual spaces are very limited but he does offer a few free 1/2 hour clarity sessions every week to support the community. These Clarity Sessions are helpful, beneficial, supportive and uplifting. If it might be useful and you can book a session you should find it valuable for giving you greater clarity, direction and a sense of how to overcome your challenges. 

The Quantum Change Makers Network

Jem is involved with a project to set up a support network for “Quantum Change Makers” i.e. people who are attempting to make massive positive planetary change. If this could be relevant or of interest to you please contact Jem directly.