The “Choosing Happier” Book

– A simple and effective guide that will enable you to become happier and recover your natural joy despite your circumstances, history or genes!

This book busts the modern happiness myths that assert that we can find lasting happiness through having more money, buying more things, or being famous, successful or powerful. Instead, it provides science-backed, actionable, effective, and simple practices that can make being happier a whole lot easier whoever and wherever you presently are. It turns out that our ability to be happy is not dependent on our circumstances – happiness is an inside job!

Jem Friar has a unique and fascinating perspective on life due to having spent 14 years living in numerous countries around the world. He has also spent over 25 years working directly with individuals and groups as an alternative therapist and coach, supporting them to live in a more balanced, healthy and happy way. He has combined his wealth of experience with insights and practices from ancient traditions and modern science to lay out an easy to follow formula that will allow anyone to raise their happiness levels.

Being happier is not the only end goal of this book. It has been shown that happier people are more creative, successful, productive, healthy, resilient and they have better relationships too – what’s not to like about these additional outcomes?

In the bigger picture, happier people are more content, kind and generous. The more authentically happy people there are, the better off we all are.

If you read this book and do the exercises regularly you will develop empowering “happy habits” that will naturally increase your contentedness and joy, whilst reduce the time that you spend stuck in negative emotions. Don’t put learning these skills and habits off and remain in unnecessary unhappiness when you could become one of those people who seem to be able to cruise through life’s challenges with a smile on their face.

So read this book and learn the simple skills that will enable you to choose to be happier now!

The Choosing Happier book is to be published on the 28th March 2017. If you are interested to know more about it please download the free 2 sample chapters.

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My Happiness Journal

“My Happiness Journal”

This workbook has been designed to accompany the Choosing Happier book. It is full of valuable exercises to support you in becoming happier as well as a journal section to help you to maintain a daily happiness and gratitude practice.

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